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Amazonite Chunks

Amazonite Chunks

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This listing is for 1 raw Amazonite chunks, which will be intuitively selected. As these are natural raw stone, they may differ in size and appearance from those pictured.

Locality : Mina Gerais, Brazil

Size approx : 1" (5g-12g)

  • Composition: Potassium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen [K(AlSi3O8)] with copper[Cu] and/or lead[Pb] impurities

   Amazonite is a variety of microcline feldspar that is valued for its distinctive blue-green color. The color is typically caused by the presence of trace amounts of copper and/or lead in the crystal structure. Amazonite is typically found in granitic rocks and pegmatites, and it often forms in large masses or as prismatic crystals. The crystal structure of amazonite is characterized by its two cleavage planes, which intersect at approximately 90 degrees. This property gives amazonite a unique ability to be carved and polished into a variety of shapes and sizes.

   Amazonite chunks from Minas Gerais, Brazil are highly prized by collectors and jewelry makers for their beautiful blue-green color and unique crystal structure. The mineral was named after the Amazon River in South America, but it is not actually found in the Amazon region. Instead, it is found in several regions throughout Brazil, with Minas Gerais being one of the most important sources of high-quality amazonite crystals and chunks. Amazonite from Minas Gerais is often associated with albite and quartz, and may also contain tourmaline and other minerals. It is prized for its bright blue-green color and good transparency, and is often used in jewelry and carvings. 

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