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Cobalto Calcite #4

Cobalto Calcite #4

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This listing is for the nicely structured Cobalto Calcite shown

Locality : Congo 

Size Approx : 50g

  • Common Localities: Congo, Morocco, Spain, Mexico
  • Composition: Calcium Cobalt Carbonate, and oxygen [CaCo3]

   Cobalto calcite, also known as sphaerocobaltite, is a variety of calcite that contains small amounts of cobalt, which give it its pink to violet coloration. The crystal structure of cobalto calcite is characterized by its rhombohedral shape and its tendency to form aggregates of small, spherical crystals. Cobalto calcite is prized by mineral collectors for its unique color and crystal structure, as well as its association with other minerals such as quartz and pyrite.

   Cobalto calcite from Congo is highly sought after by mineral collectors due to its unique pink to violet coloration and its distinctive crystal habit. In addition to Congo, cobalto calcite can also be found in other localities such as Morocco, Spain, and Mexico. Cobalto calcite is also associated with other minerals such as quartz and pyrite, which can make for beautiful and interesting specimens. Cobalto calcite was first described in 1825 by French mineralogist Francois Sulpice Beudant, and it quickly gained popularity among mineral collectors due to its unique color and crystal structure. Today, cobalto calcite remains a popular and highly prized mineral


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