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Mookaite Tumbles

Mookaite Tumbles

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 This listing is for (1) Mookaite tumble, which will be intuitively selected. As these are natural tumbled stone, they may differ slightly in size and appearance from those pictured.

Locality : Mooka Creek, Western Australia

Approx size : 1"   (10g-24g) 

  • common Localities: Mooka Creek, Western Australia, and other locations in Australia
  • Composition: Silicon dioxide with various impurities, including iron [Fe] and other minerals

   Mookaite is a type of jasper that is found only in Western Australia. It is typically identified by its distinctive colors, which can range from red and maroon to yellow and beige, and its interesting patterns and banding. The scientific name for it is windalia radiolarite. mookaite is a silicified radiolarite, a biogenic sedimentary rock, composed of the endoskeletons of radiolaria

   It was first discovered in the Kennedy Ranges in the 1960s and has since become a popular gemstone among collectors and jewelry makers. The stone is believed to have been used by the local Aboriginal people for thousands of years for its healing properties and spiritual significance. The word "Mooka" is said to mean "running waters" in the local Aboriginal language, which refers to the way the stones are formed in layers of sedimentary rock. It is believed to have many healing properties, including the ability to promote feelings of groundedness, balance, and stability. Mookaite is also thought to enhance creativity and self-expression, making it a popular stone among artists and writers.

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