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Sodalite Chunks

Sodalite Chunks

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This listing is for 1 Raw Sodalite chunk, which will be intuitively selected. As these are natural raw stone, they may differ in size and appearance from those pictured.

Locality : Brazil

Size approx 55-90g

  • Common Localities: Brazil, Canada, Namibia, Russia, Afghanistan, Greenland
  • Composition: Sodium aluminum silicate chloride (Na8Al6Si6O24Cl2) 

   Sodalite is a beautiful blue mineral that is found in many parts of the world. It is a member of the feldspathoid mineral group and is typically blue, although it can also be gray, green, yellow, or pink. Sodalite is named after its high sodium content and is often used as a decorative stone due to its striking color and unique patterns. Have you seen them under a UV light ? 

   Sodalite is composed of sodium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen, and chlorine. It forms as a result of the alteration of volcanic rocks, and is often found in association with other minerals such as calcite, feldspar, and pyrite. Sodalite is often used as a gemstone, and is also used in the production of ceramics, glass, and other industrial materials.

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